Olga Karpacheva | 1974 | Vologda, USSR

Artist Bio

Olga Karpacheva is a well-known painter and her paintings have been displayed in numerous exhibitions throughout Russia. Her work can be found in 5 Russian museums, including the Intinskiy Regional Studies Museum, Volga State Museum and Conservation Ground, and the regional museums of Vytegda, Tot’ma, and Ystyuzhna.

1991-1996 Studied at Suzdal Restoration school specializing in oil and tempura restorations. Graduated with highest honors.


Since 1996, Olga has worked for the Russian art center for scientific restoration.

1999 - 2004 Studied at Cherepovets State University obtaining a degree in art-graphics.

2000 certified as an oil painting art restorer II

2000 studied in academic Dacha (Viktor, Irina, have too)

2001 Elected as a member of the Union of Russian Artists

2002 Awarded a coveted grant by the Ministry of Culture of the Russian Federation. This was based upon a recommendation by the Union of Russian Artists

2005 Selected as a finalist in the All Russian Young Artist competition (35 years or younger). Her selected painting was displayed in the National Gallery in Moscow (State Tretyakov Gallery)


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